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24.9.2014 - We have opened coach bazaar

DSC_0005How does VT BAZAAR work?

If you decide to sell your vehicle with us, you will avoid a lot of complications. First of all, you won’t necessarily need to stop your coach and display it in our parking lot. You won’t have to worry about finding the right buyer, correspondence and telephone calls, negotiation, etc. In our bazaar, we just take care of all these things for you, plus we’ll do it faster, anonymously on your behalf, and thanks to our experience we will probably achieve a higher selling price! But the main thing is, we get the job done and have actual results. You will only be „bothered“ by us with requests from serious buyers, and of course the final decision to whom you would like to sell is also up to you. We provide the rest. VT BAZAAR offers you full administrative support during the execution of your transaction.
Selling a coach has never been easier – contact us for free advise or consultation.


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