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Využijte našich zkušeností při nákupu či prodeji autobusů. Nabízíme široký výběr...

6.2.2015 - Our drivers were trained in safe driving

For Vega Tour, our company, the safety of its passengers is a number one priority. Last week we organised a safe driving course for our drivers at the Most Polygon circuit.

Our own Mercedes-Benz and Setra fleet coaches were used for the course. Professional trainers started the course with theoretical lessons, followed by practical exercises. The drivers found out for themselves what it is like to drive a coach at various speeds and on various surfaces, including braking on an icy road and avoiding obstacles. Apart from handling crisis situations, the drivers learnt how to drive more efficiently (an economical driving course), i.e. with better fuel economy. Our drivers perfectly managed unexpected incidents on the road, and each of them obtained a certificate of successful completion of the safe driving training course.

Czech TV and regional news agency e-mostecko made a video story on the safe driving training course:
ČT: Události v regionech

Pictures from the safe driving course:

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