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26.3.2020 - Vega Tour volunteers

Vega Tour volunteers deliver food and offer convenient transportation for the Integrated Rescue System.

Prague, March 26, 2020 – Vega Tour, a leading international coach company and travel agency, has decided to use its vast fleet of buses / minibuses to help with volunteering and offer privately-priced private transportation. Vega Tour has 29 years of operation in the Czech market, it is a stable coach operator and travel agency with bus and air tours. Due to government measures to ban travel, the company decided to use its fleet for voluntary cooperation. This is to ensure transport and subsequent distribution of lunches for seniors and citizens with reduced mobility in Prague 4 under the auspices of the Institute of Social Services, and also for the initiative „We Cook for the Indispensable“ by Zdeněk Pohlreich and Jan Punčochář.


At the same time, the company decided to offer highly discounted, safe transport by minibuses with a smaller capacity, to transport employees to work and back home. In doing so, the company primarily wants to help the Integrated Rescue System components to avoid their public transport. However, the offer can also be used by private companies, smaller groups or even individuals who need to be safely transported to a doctor, for an important meeting or for a necessary purchase. The company takes care of regular disinfection of buses, protective equipment for drivers and disinfection gel for passengers.


“I am proud that our employees joined the volunteer initiative, so we could offer help. The status of a family business,  at this difficult moment, confirmed again, we can stick together and help others when needed, just like in the family. At the same time, we tried to devise an interesting offer for IRS units or companies and thus support our industry, ”says Martin Capoušek, Managing Director of Vega Tour.


Vega Tour offers tailor-made transportation according to the client’s wishes. In addition to a standard fleet of buses / minibuses, it can accommodate demanding clients who require VIP service. The fleet also has a specially adapted limousine for up to 7 people. Passengers can thus enjoy comfort and luxury on their way to a corporate meeting.

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