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Wir operieren mit mehr als 150 luxus Bussen, Kleinbussen und Limousinen nicht alter wie 2 Jahre.

25.5.2015 - VT Yacht has gained the right to represent Italian boatyards Azimut Yachts for the Czech Republic

azimutlogThe motorboat centre VT Yachts has become the official distributor for the sale of luxury yachts from Italian group Azimut Yachts. These boatyards are among the biggest producers of large yachts in the world and a leader on the motorboat market. Customers can buy Azimut boats worldwide from more than 130 branches and VT Yachts is now one of them.

The company Azimut was founded in Italy in 1969, where production of these exquisitely designed and technologically advanced boats is still based.  A distinguishing mark of yachts from the Azimut boatyards is the quality fibreglass hull and frameless dark amber glass windows. Azimut builders were the first to introduce these elements and today they are virtually standard for all modern boatyards. Investment in innovation and new technology – this best captures the name Azimut. The company creates boats whose beauty and functionality endures. As a result they have won favour around the world and famous owners have included Christina Onassis. The Azimut boatyards offer five ranges of motor yachts – the extensive Flybridge model range whose boats vary in size from 12 to 30 m, the sports range S, the Megallano collection of comfort voyagers, the smaller Atlantis sports cruiser and the Grande luxury megayacht range.

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