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20.4.2016 - Luxury Transport for VIP Clients

This year, we expanded our fleet with a luxury Mercedes-Benz V-Class that is designated for VIP clients. T has an appearance that certainly attracts attention, regardless of whether you are heading to a business meeting, or need transportation to Congress. 
V1Power and vitality, this is a combination that helps the new V class achieve maximum driving dynamics and comfort. It combines a spacious interior and unique agility on the road. It is ready to meet any and all demanding client requirements, offering plenty of space for luggage. Its high-quality materials transform the interior into a comfortable environment with numerous good ideas for a care-free ride.

The new V class exemplarily combines functionality and glamour. It has been developed with a sense of driving pleasure, and brings a pure enjoyment of life onto the road. A guide you can rely on. With its numerous assistance and safety systems, it optimally supports the driver in all driving situations, thus becoming an innovative vehicle in its class.

V2The vehicle lease obviously includes the services of a professional and English-speaking driver. They will readily help you with luggage when you are travelling to, for example, a convention, or if you only use the vehicle as an airport shuttle. The vehicle capacity is 5 persons + the driver. Use our services and order a vehicle that will stand out wherever it appears – with the unmistakeable style of Mercedes-Benz.

Obchodní areál Vídeňská,
Vídeňská 142,
Prag 4, 148 00,
Tschechische Republik