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We operate with more than 150 luxury coaches, minibuses, limousines with average age of 2 years.

11.3.2015 - The latest bus fleet set out for shooting

This year, we’ve decided to make a new introduction video to show on our Vega Tour buses. The crew made the first part on the Most ring road during safe driving courses; the second part is set in the centre of Prague where we set out with our bus fleet. The grandest beauties were “casted” to lead the fleet: Setras of the 500 series and the new Merceds-Benz Tourismo buses. The shooting was a challenge, primarily due to the traffic; there was also filming from a helicopter, so look forward to some really unique takes on the golden Vega Tour buses against the unique panoramic backdrop of Prague.

A short teaser from the shooting is available in the photo gallery below:

Obchodní areál Vídeňská,
Vídeňská 142,
Prague 4, 148 00,
Czech Republic