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22.9.2015 - Vega Tour received the prestigious Business Superbrands 2015 award

Only 12 prestigious brands received award in the Business Superbrands category during March this year, and one of them belongs to Vega Tour. Vega Tour Company has been the first tourism brand awarded in this category.

1The Superbrands award ceremony took place on 22 September 2015 in the unique environment of SaSaZu. It was attended by eminent managers representing the winning companies, along with representatives from Superbrands, the Brand Council panel members and journalists.

The Superbrands programme, which drew on inspiration from the BBC Radio London programme of the same name, was established in England in 1994. Since then, it has spread to nearly 90 countries throughout the world and has become an indicator of the quality of award-winning brands.

A detailed article on the evening ceremony can be found here.

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