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8.2.2016 - New coaches in our fleet

DSC_0074Our fleet of vehicles is being renewed and extended this year again. We have already ordered 31 coaches of the Setra, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and MAN brands. All coaches are of course equipped with advanced assistance and safety systems. 
Our new order also includes a new two-level Setra 431 DT, offering an impressive capacity of 81+2 seats. The status of exclusivity is enhanced not only by the fulfilment of all high requirements for luxury coaches as set by the clients and legislation.
A luxury Mercedes-Benz V-Class for VIP clients will also be included in our fleet. V-Class combines functionality with attractiveness in an exemplary fashion and offers really classy travelling. You can be sure that this vehicle will attract attention wherever it appears.
We will also renew and extend our fleet of cars and luxury minivans. Thus Vega Tour offers an integrated fleet of vehicles, consisting of more than 150 luxury coaches, minibuses and limousines which will fulfil demands of even the most discriminating clients. The average age of the fleet does not exceed 2 years; you can be sure that you will always be travelling in a modern, comfortable and safe vehicle!

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