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Bike trailer


Bike trailer for bikes; it can transport safely up to 44 bikes. It is possible to borrow it together with a Vega Tour coach. Special holders ensure that bikes won’t get scratched during journey.


With safety wheel holding. This is a new bike trailer that can very safely store a large number of bicycles, so that they are not scratched or damaged during the transportation. It can be connected to any coach or a mini-coach with a towing device. It has its own braking system, is licensed for 100km/h, has 2 levels, 14” wheels and is 6,5 meters long including the pole. You can rent it only together with a Vega Tour coach.

Luggage Trailer

Capacity: 18-24 luggage


We borrow a basic trailer for Vega Tour coaches if they transport a higher number of suitcases and bags or extensive luggage. The capacity of luggage compartment is increased by up to 24 pieces of luggage.


For excess and special baggage. A trailer that can be attached to any coach or a mini-coach. It is mostly used as an extra space in addition to the coach storage compartment. It is ideal to transport oversized luggage and can be rented only with a Vega Tour coach.

Ski box

Capacity: 50 skis


You can order a ski box for your ski trips to transport your ski and snowboards. The ski box is sufficiently large for ski and snowboards of all coach passengers.

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