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Coach company

We operate with more than 150 luxury coaches, minibuses, limousines with average age of 2 years.

Membership and support of organizations

AČCKA – Association of Czech Travel Offices and Agencies


The Association of Czech Travel Offices and Agencies (hereinafter referred to as AČCKA) is a Czech professional association of tourism subjects. It was founded in 1991 and nowadays has more than 240 members from the sphere of tourism. Proper members can become travel offices and agencies which deal with arrival and departure tourism. Associated members of AČCKA can become foreign travel agencies, hotels, headquarters of tourism, schools and commercial companies offering services to travel agencies (e.g. insurance companies).

Prague Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Prague (HKP) was established in June 1994. Its mission is not only the capital city of Prague, but also in the whole country, to support small and medium-sized businesses, to defend their interests and provide them with all forms of assistance. The Chamber provides its services to its members, as well as other entrepreneurs across the country.

Smart Move


Vega Tour supports the worldwide campaign called Smart Move. The purpose of this campaign is to prefer coaches rather than cars because of their safety, environmental friendliness and budget prices.

Did you know that coaches transport daily millions of passengers all over the world and with a reduced impact on our environment? Coaches are primarily constructed even for providing more safety, cleanness, efficiency and budget prices within the total frame of passenger transport.

Smart Move is supported by up to 104 engaged partners all over the world, including industrial organizations, car producers, media or thousands of coach companies and other individual supporters.

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